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The Three Degrees – New Candidates and Brothers

This page is to list our current candidates and newly obligated Brothers and follows their progress through their Degree work.

  • Awaiting Investigation:
    • Nikita Koval
    • Curtis Malachi Richie IV
  • Awaiting Entered Apprentice Degree:
    • No candidates awaiting Entered Apprentice Degree
  • Congratulations to our new Entered Apprentice(s):
  • Awaiting Fellowcraft Degree:
    • B William Deem
    • B Lee Hoelzle
    • B Richard Funchess
  • Congratulations to our new Fellowcraft(s):
  • Awaiting Master Mason Degree:
    • No candidates awaiting Master Mason Degree
  • Congratulations to our new Master Mason(s):
    • B Dan C. Tillinghast